Welcome Kereru Class of 2012

I hope this will be an exciting year and we can write interesting blog posts that others want to read.

I have just been to a teachers conference ” Learning@School” where I learnt about ipads, skyping, comic life, blogging, THINKING and the why behind it all. I came away very excited about teaching, but also very scared of the great challenge I have of helping you get prepared for the big world outside the classroom.

Two things I learnt – 1. ” Fail,Fail again, Fail Better” -Christian Long . tI is important we are risk takers and take failure as a challenge to succeed not to give up.

2. We need to ” Learn 2 love 2 learn” Thinking is something that can be taught , we need to question everything.

Technology is changing fast and I hope we can be part of that change too.

Mrs Kanon

5 thoughts on “Welcome Kereru Class of 2012

  1. Hi Kereru Class,
    I loved spending time in your class today. In fact, the whole day at Pukekawa School was a lot of fun for me. I really enjoyed the children and the teachers. I hope you have a good day on Friday when you dress up as book characters! Keep in touch and Happy Book Week!
    Your friend, Sharon Holt

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